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SSI - Stepson's living category changed

Hello. Hoping someone can help.

My stepson's SSI payment was recently reduced by one-third. They changed his living category from A to B. We don't understand why this was done.

Here's our situation: I am not working. I currently receive Food Stamps. My husband is on SSI. My stepson is on SSI and also works, receiving about $200 monthly (although it varies).

From what I understand, Social Security will say you are receiving "in-kind support" if you do not pay your share of household expenses. We have always reported stepson as paying his fair share (one-third) and he does this, in fact MORE than one-third! So I do not understand why Social Security is suddenly now saying that he is not paying his fair share, and they stuck him in Category B. Could it be because he is now working and has some extra income? We know they will reduce his SSI check because of his work income, somewhat (that's to be expected.) Just wondering if his *new* income (work income) somehow caused them to say he's not paying his fair share.

I know this is complicated, but hope you understand what I'm saying, and hope someone has some answers! Many thanks.

Also, could the fact that I receive food stamps count against him?

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I'm not sure of the details of your situation, but it appears that your stepson was changed from SSA Living Arrangement A to SSA Living Arrangement B.

I found the following definition of these two arrangements :

Living Arrangement A. SSA first determines whether an adult, noninstitutionalized individual is living in his or her "own" household or living in the household of another. Living in one's "own" household means the person owns the home, has rental liability, or pays a pro rata share of household expenses. The benefit for such a person is based on 100 percent of the income guarantee.

Living Arrangement B. This category is used when a recipient lives in the household of another and receives both food and shelter from other members of the household. This recipient is subject to a one-third reduction in the income guarantee.

If your stepson paid a pro rata share of expenses, then he would seem to fall into Arrangement A. However, if he previously had no income (no job), I don't see how he could have paid his share of expenses, at least previously.

Regardless, you may want to appeal this decision. Here is info on appeals :

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