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Tax Increases Seen as Way to Fix Social Security

Social Security expert Laurence Kotlikoff thinks that mostly tax increases will be the way Social Security will be patched up in the future :

Excerpt :

I doubt Congress will cut benefits of current low- and middle-income retirees. And the benefit cuts levied on current rich beneficiaries will likely be implemented by making 100 percent, not 85 percent, of Social Security benefits taxable under the income tax. Congress will also likely eliminate the ceiling on taxable earnings.

Beware of Social Security Identity Theft Scam

Citizens across the country are receiving calls from an individual posing as a Social Security employee. The caller tells the victim they are due a 1.7 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increase of their Social Security benefits. The impersonator then asks the victim to verify their personal information to receive the increase. Reports show the calls have been coming from a phone number with a 323 area code. This call is fraudulent.


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Not affiliated with the US Social Security Administration