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Lump-Sum Payable To Children

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432. Lump-Sum Payable To Children

432.1 Can the lump-sum be paid to children?

If there is no spouse to receive the lump-sum death payment, the lump-sum is payable to a child or the children of the deceased worker. The child or children must have been entitled to or eligible for benefits on the deceased's earnings record for the month the worker died.

432.2 How is the lump-sum paid of there is more than one child?

In the case of several children, each child is eligible for an equal share of the lump-sum.

432.3 What happens if one or more eligible children do not apply for the lump-sum?

If one or more of the children choose not to apply, those children who do apply are paid only their equal share of the lump-sum. The unpaid balance remains unpaid, unless those children who originally chose not to apply later decide to do so.

Last Revised: March, 2001

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