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Lump-Sum Payable To Children

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432. Lump-Sum Payable To Children

432.1 Can the lump-sum be paid to children?

If there is no spouse to receive the lump-sum death payment, the lump-sum is payable to a child or the children of the deceased worker. The child or children must have been entitled to or eligible for benefits on the deceased's earnings record for the month the worker died.

432.2 How is the lump-sum paid of there is more than one child?

In the case of several children, each child is eligible for an equal share of the lump-sum.

432.3 What happens if one or more eligible children do not apply for the lump-sum?

If one or more of the children choose not to apply, those children who do apply are paid only their equal share of the lump-sum. The unpaid balance remains unpaid, unless those children who originally chose not to apply later decide to do so.

Last Revised: March, 2001



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out of 5 kids my daughter and stepson are the last two on s.s. death benefits due to the passing of there father in 2002 he will be 18 feb 06 and he has been convicted on sept 22 2008 to prison for 4yrs they both recieve $662. a month. she is 11yrs old will she recieve his share?

My father in law passed away last week. He was not married. He has 4 adult children. Sould they apply for the one time lump sum benefit? Are they eligible?

If there is no surviving spouse, the one-time lump-sum death payment of $255 is payable to a child who is eligible for benefits on the deceased person's record in the month of death.

If no spouse or child meeting these requirements exists, the lump-sum death payment will not be paid. The lump-sum death payment cannot be paid to funeral homes or estates for funeral expenses.

So unless one of the children was receiving Social Security benefits (ex. as a minor or disabled child), they may not qualify for the benefit.

To file for the benefit, call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY-1800-325-0778) and request an appointment at your local office.


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