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I am a US Citizen, born in 1948. I married and moved to S. Africa in 1979. My daughter was born in 1983 in S. Africa. Immediately, we obtained a Notification of Birth Abroad. She has a US Passport. I returned to the US in 2005. (Soc.Sec. can see the "gap" on my own SS records).

My daughter was educated and worked in S. Africa. She has now decided to move to the US. We both went on this website, to learn what documents she would need to get her SS number. We went to our local SS Office and (I having taken time off from work (where I am paid by the hour).

We waited over 2 hours. Her # was finally called. As the employee was filling out her information, she said she would now need her records from the age of 12 and every year thereafter, up to the present (she is 28 years old). We had with us her original birth certificate; the original Notification of Birth Abroad; her US Passport; (She also had other ID's, her S. African drivers license, her S.A. Passport, etc)..

I asked the lady if she could not take an oath from myself (her mother) and the answer was NO, I asked to ask her supervisor, as none of this "extra" documentation was listed on this website. When she returned she said she now needs certified documents from the age of FIVE..

This office was located in N. Miami, Florida and the entire waiting room was filled with immigrants; for some reason, I do not believe they are going to ask these people to show certified documentation from the age of FIVE.(as they probably do not have this).I was very upset, angry and felt slighted..

I left with the feeling that this SS Administration treats immigrants with much more respect and leniency than their own Citizens and taxpayers.Had we had prior knowledge to bring all of this certified documentation, obviously she would have brought it with her from S. Africa.

She is 28 years old and NOT A STUDENT..Now she cannot seek employment, which she needs to do; Now we have to phone S. Africa, at our expense, to obtain all of the necessary??????? a waste of time and money for myself and not a very nice "Welcome to the US" for my daughter (she arrived on 9/4).

I thought the S.African government offices were impossible to deal with; really did not expect this from the US..I was sadly wrong.

Please update your website to reflect that you require documentation from the age of 5 and every year we were informed of today..for anyone in this situation??? UPSET

We are not an expert in this area, but the following post indicates a US passport is sufficient evidence of US citizenship.

An applicant for an original social security number card must submit documentary evidence that the Commissioner of Social Security regards as convincing evidence of age, U.S. citizenship or alien status, and true identity.

The following report on assigning original Social Security numbers to foreign-born individuals who present invalid evidentiary documents may also be useful :

i 'm student with F1 visa and i submit my application 2 weeks ago with all documents required to get a new social!i still not receive the new social and would like to know when i'll receive it or how to know the status of my application!


It takes approximately 7 to 10 business days after the SSA verifies immigration documents with the Department of Homeland Services (DHS) before they can assign a Social Security number. After receiving verification from DHS, SSA will mail the Social Security card. In most cases, SSA can verify your documents within two weeks with DHS online.

If the SSA cannot verify documents online, it may take us several weeks to hear from DHS.

Please see this post for the time frame for processing a Social Security card for a legal alien :

I'm a U.S. citizen born in Florida in 1985. I've valid US passport.

At the age of 3 years old i went to Italy where i lived untill the age of 26.

I've never had a Social Security Number, so i've to make it for the first time.

In Febraury i will come in Fort Lauderdale to find a work.

If i submit a request for the ssn from the embassy in Rome they told me it may take 12 months.

If i submit a request directly in the U.S.A it may takes "10 business days from the date on your receipt or several weeks" .

In case it may take several weeks, during that period can i get a job????????

I'm US citizen, i just want possibility to find work from the first day, i can't wait several weeks before starting one.


We're not experts in this area, and there may be state requirements that you'll need to look into.

However, I recommend you see USCIS Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. According to that, your valid US passport alone would be sufficient to gain employment.

The form also states :

Providing the Social Security Number is voluntary, except for employees hired by employers participating in the USCIS Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification (E-Verify).

Of course, you'll want to get a Social Security number as soon as possible so your Social Security taxes will be credited to your work record.


The SSN card is the only official verification of an SSN. However, the SSN Printout can be used to verify an SSN. The SSN Printout, also called a “Numi-lite,” was developed to guard against unnecessary disclosures of the personal information contained on the Numident. The Printout displays the name of the individual and the SSN assigned to that individual. The issuing office stamps and signs the Printout before giving it to the requester. If the number holder (client) cannot provide sufficient evidence to obtain an SSN card because the evidence was lost or destroyed in a disaster, offer the SSN Printout as an alternative.

The Numi-lite is meant to provide an alternative to issuing a Numident printout for SSN verification. The "NUMI-lite" went into production in SSA field offices in March 2002. This printout provides less identification information and therefore is less likely to facilitate identity theft.

Hi, I have applied the social security card at December 23. But up to now, I have not received it? What shall I do? Please help me. My E-mail: z___@

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