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18. Reduction or Nonpayment of Social Security Benefits

Excerpted from "Social Security Handbook". See the up-to-date, official Social Security Handbook at

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My employer hasn't payed ss for approx. 100 + people in the past 5 months,
including me!
is there any office or agency I may be able to contact?
ps taxes,ss,state and city deductions were never payed but were deducted from paychecks at a "variable" rate between 22 and 38%!!!???

Darrell M is postto be paying child support for his son darrell p and he don't do anything for his son. i was to fill out some papers for my son darrell p ok. Ms. D P his mother when i can sign darrell's papers ok . have a nice number is 337-xxx-yyyy call me please. His father case thank u.

Last year my wife and myself paid our income taxes for 2007 and
subsequently, we both assumed we would each receive $600.00, but we only rec'd one $600.00, and I want to know why? I am a 50% disabled veteran (service-connected), and medicare payments are taken out of my VA compensation.

Please reply us,
What do we have to do if we don't have job or house to stay in.

ss missed paying my deceased mother 10 years of benefits she could have had through my father.. although he filed as 'married' .. how do we appeal?

the last 3 months my daughters check has benn up to a week late what can/should i do?


Not affiliated with the US Social Security Administration