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How do I replace my lost Social Security card?

Citizens of some states can get free replacement cards online

Until 2016, the Social Security Administration (SSA) required you to either visit a Social Security office or mail in documentation to receive a replacement Social Security card.

However, the SSA is rolling out a program whereby adult citizens of an increasing number of states can receive replacement Social Security cards online at The SSA uses public records from these states to verify your identity online.

As of November, 2017, US citizens age 18 or older of the following states can get replacement cards at :


You will need a state-issued ID card (generally driver's license) to get a replacement card online.

If you do not live in one of the above states or are not an adult US citizen

For complete instructions, please go to New or Replacement Social Security Number and Card.

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How much does it cost to get a new SS card?

After I apply for social security replacement card, how long it's going to be before I receive the card?

what do i need to bring in for my infant daughter to show she is mine, to get her a new social sercurity card?

The state of FL is absolute bull! you can't get a ss card without an I.D. card or DL, but you can't get a DL or I.D. without a ss card. My boyfriend is missing a limb so he doesn't work, therefore he doesn't have a W-2 or a 1099. So that means even though he's lived in FL for 30 yrs he can't get an I.D. card, but if the cops ask him for id he'll get a ticket. Maybe you people should find a better system that doesn't make it impossible for U.S. Citizens to get there own copies of there records, but I'm sure illegal aliens can get what they need since our doors our wide open for them. It really makes me sick on what a mess our systems are.

is the form ss-5 available in the social security office or can it only be printed

Yes I agree that the state makes it almost impossible for some natural born American citizens to obtain the proper forms of documentation to get the damn smart ID cards. Numerous trips to various offices and calls to out of state agency's is required to even get close to satisfing these bureaucrats sadistic satisfactions in frustrating real americans attempts to simply comply with the law!

I am only 16 and I want to get my permit but misplaced my social security card. Would I be able to show my birth certificate and a school i.d since I don't have a permit yet?

Myself, my husband, and our two children all need cards replaced. Do all 4 of us need to go to Social Security office or can I just go alone with all of their documents?

My parents lost my ss card in a hurricane a few years ago, but have coppies. but i know the DMV does not take copy's for getting an ID or a driver's License or a permit (i have never had any state issued ID) How do i get my ss card in FL without any of these things? It seem's like its impossible. I kinda need some sort of ID so i can start to work and definately a Drivers licence so i can drive when i move out... any suggestions?

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Not affiliated with the US Social Security Administration